How to Report a Cheater


New World Interactive is committed to finding and stopping hackers, and we look to the community to assist us in reporting them. While we try to be vigilant and comprehensive, we also don’t want to mistakenly and unjustly ban someone who was playing fairly. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, we need solid proof in order to decide if a reported user is using cheats.

We require a report of a suspected hacker to include a recorded video or a Source demo file of the player in question. It should also include the player’s SteamID. We can review this video and come to a decision on whether or not the player deserves a ban. You can find info on both methods of submission below:


Recorded Video:

You can record a video of the suspected hacker hacking using OBS, Fraps, ShadowPlay, or any other traditional video recording software. Spectate the player and catch him in suspicious activity that can only be explained by using game hacks. Please be sure the following conditions are met in your video:

  • Must be in sufficient enough quality for us to read the text in the displayed console.

  • Must show a status report in dev-console. (see below)

  • Must show sv_pure server settings. (see below)

  • Must be set as an “unlisted” video if you use a public service like YouTube.

  • Should have glowing player silhouettes enabled so we can better see if they are possibly using certain hacks (wallhack, etc).

To show the status report, open the in-game dev console by hitting the tilde key ( ~ ). Then type “status” without quotations and hit enter. Leave it open for a couple of seconds so it can be read on playback. This will display, amongst other things, SteamID’s of all players.

To show server pure setting, open in-game dev console just as in previous case, type there “sv_pure” without quotations and hit enter. Again leave the console open for a while.

You must also copy the suspect’s SteamID number (STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx) and include it in the report or in the video description. Once you have your video and the suspect’s SteamID, you may upload the video to a file sharing service or video service such as YouTube. Don’t forget to include link to it in your report.


Source Demo:

Go into spectator mode, switch to spectating the suspected user, and start recording using Source’s in engine recording ability. Be sure you catch the player doing suspicious acts that can only be explained by game hacks. To record:

  1. Open the in-game dev console by hitting the tilde key ( ~ ) and typing there: “record <nameoffile>” without quotations. Then hit enter.(Example: record cheater1 )

  2. Collect the player’s SteamID and share it with us so we know who is suspect. Open the in-game dev console by hitting the tilde key ( ~ ) and typing there “status” without quotations. Then hit enter. Find the player in the list and copy his SteamID. We need this to investigate and register a ban, so be sure to include it in the report.

  3.   Type “sv_pure”  into the dev console (see above)
  4. Once you gather enough video footage, open the in-game dev console again and type there “stop” without quotations. Then hit enter.

  5. Find your demo file in "..\steamapps\common\insurgency2\insurgency” directory. Upload it to a file sharing service and post a link to it. Alternatively, you can attach it directly to your support ticket submission.



  • Your hacker report must include the suspected hacker’s SteamID.

  • It helps to explain in the report what exactly happened in the video that looked suspicious.

  • The video evidence must be especially damning. We must be certain beyond a reasonable doubt that the player is hacking before we issue a ban. The ban will display on his Steam profile page and prevent him from playing on VAC secured servers indefinitely.

Still have questions? We'd love to help.